2. PIN stands for
a) Personal Index Number
b) Permanent Index Number
c) Personal Identification Number
d) Permanent Index Number
e) None
Ans: c

3. EEFC Account can be opened by
a) Non Resident Indian (NRI)
b) NRI who returned to India permanently
c) Any Resident with local source of income
d) Residents who have forex earnings
e) None
Ans: d

4. Failure of internal systems, processes and people lead to
a) Credit Risk
b) Market Risk
c) Liquidity Risk
d) Operational Risk
e) Technology Risk
Ans: d

5. As per IBA Model Education Loan Scheme, the minimum & maximum age criteria
for the borrower (student) are……
a) 10 & 35 years
b) 18 & 35 years
c) 18 & 45 years
d) All majors
e) None
Ans: e

6. As per extant guidelines, advance against book debts (other than MSME) should
not exceed ……. % of working capital limits.
a) 10%
b) 50%
c) 25%
d) 100%
e) no such ceiling
Ans: b

7. Government pays agency commission to the banks @ ………. for Pension payments
a) 50 per credit
b) 12 per credit
c) 65 per credit
d) 60 per credit
e) None
Ans: c

8. PCFC advance generally allowed for a maximum period of
a) 360 days
b) 270 days
c) 180 days
d) 90 days
e) no such limit
Ans: b

9. TDS deducted by bank, is to be remitted to Income Tax authorities within…..
a) 15 days from the date of deduction
b) 7 days from the date of deduction
c) 15 days in the succeeding month
d) 10 days in the succeeding month
e) 7 days in the succeeding month
Ans: e

10. What is the rate charged by banks for the discounting of approved bill of
a) Repo Rate
b) Bank Rate
c) Reverse Repo Rate
e) None
AnS: b

11. Companies look for Commercial Paper since they need
a) Long Term Low Cost funds
b) Short Term High Cost funds
c) Long Term High Cost funds
d) Short Term Low Cost funds
e) None
Ans: d

12. X aged above 65 years placed a term deposit and requests TDS exemption as his
total income including interest income falls below the taxable income, which form he
need to submit to the branch?
a) Form G
b) Form H
c) a or b
d) No form is required
e) None
Ans: b

13. Borrowers availing crop loans up to 3 lakh in the current year are eligible for
interest subvention at …….. besides prompt payment incentive of ……….
a) 1% & 3%
b) 2% & 1%
c) 3% & 1%
d) 2% & 3%
e) None
Ans: d

14. The minimum acceptable TransUnion CIBIL Limited score is fixed as …… while
entertaining credit proposals by the Banks / Financial Institutions.
a) 300
b) 400
c) 550
d) 600
e) None of the above
Ans: d

15. To consider housing loan, the age of building shall not be more than
a) 15 years
b) 20 years
c) 15 years in Rural/Semi Urban & 20 years in Urban/Metro areas
d) Residual life of the building should be at least 10 years over
and above repayment tenor e) Residual life of the building should be at least 15
years over and above repayment tenor
Ans: d

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