Here are the certain set of Question being asked in exams like Clerk To Officer or Officer Scale I to Officer Scale II and so on

16. Bank is required to submit XOS statement to RBI, in respect of
a) Foreign exchange transactions
b) Import transactions
c) Overdue export bills
d) Overdue import bills
e) FCNR accounts
Ans: c

17. Zero Coupon Bonds refers to
a) Bond issued at face value
b) Bond issued with face value & interest
c) Bond issued at discount from its face value with interest
d) Bond issued at discount from its face value without interest
e) None
Ans: d

18.“Sishu” scheme is meant for
a) Loans granted to Minors
b) Deposit scheme for children below 5 years
c) Subsidized scheme for children education
d) Scheme for pregnant women
e) Loans sanctioned under Mudra scheme up to `50000/-
Ans: e

19. The insurance coverage is available to Rupay Cardholder only when there is a
transaction within ……. days.
a) 90 Days
b) 45 Days
c) 30 Days
d) No restriction
e) None of the above
Ans: a

20. As per recent guidelines, 40% of the total advances to micro and small
enterprises sector should go to micro (manufacturing) enterprises having investment
in plant and machinery up to ….. Lakh and micro (service) enterprises having
investment in equipment up to ….. Lakh.
a) `10 & `4
b) `5 & `2
c) `10 & `5
d) `2 & `5
e) `15 & `10
Ans: a

21. For transfer of funds through NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer), the
minimum and maximum amounts that can be transferred are
a) `1,000 and maximum `5 lacs
b) `1,000 and maximum no limit
c) `5,000 and maximum `1 lacs
d) No minimum & maximum amount
e) None of the above.
Ans: d

22. One Rupee currency note bears the signature of
a) President of India
b) Prime Minister of India
c) Governor RBI
d) Finance Minister of India
e) Finance Secretary of India
Ans: e

23. In case of restructured loans, the payment of installments should commence
within …… months from the date of restructure of loan.
a) one month
b) 3 months
c) 6 months
d) 9 months
e) 12 months
Ans: e

24. It is mandatory for banks to obtain Joint Lending Agreement where the
aggregate credit limits availed by the borrower from multiple banks exceeds….
a) `100 crore
b) `150 crore
c) `300 crore
d) `500 crore
e) None
Ans: b

25. USB means
a) Urban Savings Bank account
b) Ultra Small Branch
c) Uniform Savings Bank account
d) Unique Small Finance Bank
e) None
Ans: b

26. Whether borrower has any option to go for………during the currency of the loan?
a) Fixed Interest Rate to Floating Interest Rate
b) Floating Interest Rate to Fixed Interest Rate
c) a & b
d) Continue with sanctioned terms & conditions only
e) None
Ans: d

27. Cash kept in the currency chest is owned by
a) Currency Chest Branch Bank
b) Central Government
c) Reserve Bank of India
d) State Bank of India
e) None of the above
Ans: c

28. Bank can’t proceed against the borrower under SARFAESI Act where
a) Security is agril land
b) Liability is less than `1 lac
c) Liability is less than 20% of the principal
d) Pledge of movables
e) All of the above
Ans: e

29. State which one of the following statement not true with regard to disclosure
norms to be made at the footnote of Balance sheet as per RBI guidelines.
a) Movement of NPAs
b) Large exposure – Deposit & advances
c) Capital structure & Capital adequacy
d) Industry wise exposure
e) Market Risk in Trading Book
Ans: b

30. Savings Bank account can be opened by
a) Individuals
b) Trusts
c) Business entities
d) a & b
e) All
Ans: d

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