1. Who approves the appointment of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a private bank:
a. Reserve Bank;
b. Board of the Bank concerned bank
c. If itisa listed bank,then SEBI
d. Central Govt. in all cases
Ans: a

2. Which of the following organizations maintain the shares of companies in dematerialization format:
b. depositories
c. registrars to the issue
d mutual funds
Ans: b

3. Which of the following Act is meant to regulate the Indian Banking System:
a. Negotiable Instrument Act,Banking Regulation Act, Companies Act
b. RBI Act, Banking Regulation Act, Companies Act
c. Banking Regulation Act, Prevention of Money Laundering Act
d. RBI Act, Banking Regulation Act
Ans: d

4. A is atype of transferable financial instrument which is traded at local stockexchange of a country butrepresents asecurity
(usually,in theformof equity) which isissued bya foreign publiclylisted company:
a. American Depository Receipt
b. Depository Receipt
c. Global Depository Receipt
d. Foreign Convertible Bonds
Ans: b

5. The Urban Cooperative Banks are regulated by:
a. RBI
c. Registrar of Coop Societies of the State Govt
Ans: a

6. A firm has been allowed demand loan but it has not carried any operations in the account after disbursement of the full amount.
What is the limitation period for this demand loan:
a. 3 years from date of last withdrawal in the account
b. 3 years from date of last debit of interest in the account
c. 3 years from date of documents
d. a to c, whichever is earlier a to c, whichever is later
Ans: c

7. inspection and processing fee in case of priority sector can be recovered if the amount of advance is:
a. Rs.10000 or more
b. Rs.25000 or more
c. Rs. 50000 or more
d. More than Rs.25000;
e. More than Rs.50000
Ans: d

8. Which of the following expansion does match to the abbreviation:
a. SCC — Special Credit Control
b. ADs – Authorised dealers
c. OMO — Opposite Market Operation
d. all the above
Ans: b

9. Whenever RBI wants to reduce the liquidity in the banking system it can resort to which of the following:
a. repo
b. reverse repo
c. reduction in the CRR
d. reduction in the SLR
Ans: b

10 Deposits and advances of bank branch have been declined and the management of the bank wants to know the
reasons for the same. This will fall under the purview of:
a. market intelligence
b. marketing technology system
c. taking the required steps for effective marketing of their products
d. marketing research system;
e. all the above
Ans: d

11 Federal Reserve Board is the regulator of banking system in:
a. India
b. Europe
c. United States
d. Britain
Ans: c

12: A loan secured by mortgage of immovable property is repayable on demand. The period of limitation in this case will be:
a. Three years
b. 12 years from date of mortgage deed
c. 3 years from date of mortgage deed
d. None of the above
Ans: b

13 Lahiri Committee Recommendations relate to which of the following:
a. issue of units by Mutual Funds;
b. Issue of Depository Receipts;
c. Issue of Participation Certificates by Banks;
d. Issue of Participatory notes by Fits
Ans: d

14 Depository receipts are traded at:
a. stock exchanges of the same country in which the listed company issued the depository receipt
b. stock exchanges of a country other than in which the listed company issued the depository receipt
c. stock exchanges of any country including in which the listed company issued the depository receipt
d. none of the above
Ans: b

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