1. For the benefit of Senior Citizens, recently GOI introduced “Jeevan Pramaan”
which relates to
a) Life Insurance
b) Health Insurance
c) Housing facility
d) Life Certificate
e) None
Ans: d

2. The Banking Laws (Amendment) 2012 has facilitated the Public Sector Banks in
increase of voting rights from…….to……..
a) 10% to 26%
b) 5% to 26%
c) 1% to 5%
d) 1% to 10%
e) None
Ans: d

3. Maximum Project cost under USEP of SJSRY for individual borrower
a) 1 lakh
b) 2 lakh
c) 5 lakh
d) 10 lakh
e) 50000
Ans: b

4. A bank can prefer appeal on the award passed by Banking Ombudsman within
30 days from the date on which the bank receives
a) Passing Award
b) letter of acceptance of Award by complainant
c) the copy of the Award
d) None of the above
Ans: b

5. Current Account is treated noperative/Dormant where there are no transactions
in the account for the last
a) 6 months
b) 12 months
c) 18 months
d) 24 months
e) 36 months
Ans: d

6. Which of the following is treated as indirect finance to agriculture?
a) Purchase and distribution of inputs for the allied activities such as cattle feed, poultry feed etc., with loan amount up to `100 lakh per borrower
b) Loans for setting up of Agriclinics and Agri business centres
c) Loans for construction and running of storage facilities
d) a & b e) all
Ans: e

7. What is the standard provision on the assets other than SME, Agriculture and
Commercial loans?
a) 0.40%
b) 0.25%
c) 0.50%
d) 1.00%
e) Nil
Ans: a

8. A customer’s cheque realized for `2 lakh is credited to his account by mistake as
`2000. Subsequently cheque presented for `20000 returned unpaid by the bank.
What is the responsibility of the banker?
a) Bank to pay damages to the customer
b) Not responsible
c) Customer to ensure
balance before issuing the cheque
d) None of the above
Ans: a

9. Which of the following statement is not correct with regard to RTGS?
a) Meant for Two lakh & above remittances only
b) Remittance should be through account transfer only
c) Maximum charges should not be more than `50 per remittance
d) Charges to be collected from the Beneficiary only
Ans: d

10. Power of Attorney was granted by a customer for a period of 12 months to X.
The customer wants to revoke it after 6 months. What are the options available to
the Branch?
a) It should be revoked only after 12 months
b) Yes he can revoke at any time
c) Revoked with the consent of the power of attorney holder
d) Yes he can revoke with the consent of the Banker
e) None
Ans: b

11. Which of the following is not “Money Market Instrument”?.
a) Treasury Bills
b) Commercial Paper (CP)
c) Certificate of Deposits (CD)
d) Fixed Deposit
e) Equity Shares
Ans: d

12. RBI initiates Prompt Corrective Action against commercial banks where
a) CRAR below 9%
b) Net NPA above 10%
c) ROA below 0.25%
d) a & b
e) All
Ans: e

13. Revised guidelines on Priority Sector have come into force based on the
recommendations of …………Committee.
a) Sri Y H Malegam
b) Dr K S Krishna Swamy
c) Dr C Rangarajan
d) Dr K C Chakraborty
e) Sri M V Nair
Ans: e

14. The minimum deposit required to open “PMJDY” Account
a) `5
b) `50
c) `100
d) `500
e) Zero Balance
Ans: e

15. With regard to nomination to Illiterate account, which of the following statement
is correct?
a) Can extend in favour of literate only
b) Nomination facility is not available
c) Consent from Nominee is required
d) Witness is a must
e) None
Ans: d

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